Setting a Vision for Macomb County

The Macomb County Executive’s office is creating an environment that welcomes economic expansion and residential growth.  The Hackel administration is championing bold initiatives designed to leverage the county’s significant economic development, community development and water resource advantages.

Reinvesting In Our Communities

Partner with local governments to provide integrated services. Work with State of Michigan to fund collaborative local programs. Macomb has already been successful with the new COMTEC center and most recently, investigating consolidated fire services. Additionally, advocate for state and local policy to properly fund local services to keep communities strong.


Blue Economy Initiative moves forward:

A new Water Resource Advisory Council, composed of leaders from government, environmental agencies, economic development and private industry, is working to maximize the economic development, tourism and recreational potential of Lake St. Clair and Clinton River.  The initiative identified a funding mechanism to continue a drinking water monitoring system for southeast Michigan and also launched a “Circle Lake St. Clair” tourism program.


Positioning Macomb County as the “Defense Capital of the Midwest:”

The Hackel administration is aggressively promoting Macomb’s leadership role in the defense industry.  Close to 600 businesses in the county perform defense contract business, helping to sustain 10,000 local jobs.


Make Macomb Your Home marketing efforts:

The secret about Macomb County being a great place to live is definitely out!  Macomb County added more residents during the past decade than any other Michigan county.  The reason is that Macomb County has a vast selection of housing options and many impressive quality of life attributes.  With a compelling story to tell, the executive’s office is unfolding it in a powerful way with a dramatic promotional campaign called “Make Macomb Your Home.”


Building on Macomb County’s advanced manufacturing heritage:

The county executive’s office is committed to preserving Macomb County’s presence as a global center for advanced manufacturing and automotive technology.  County staff members partner with local economic development agencies at Velocity – a technology-driven business incubator in Sterling Heights.

A Look Back and Look Forward


In my run for office in 2010, I set a number of important goals for Macomb County.  Each of those goals added up to a bottom line of representation and action for the county.  First and foremost, I committed to providing “AAA government” to Macomb’s citizens; That government would be accountable, accessible and an advocate for Macomb County.  Further, I committed to building a more secure future for the county through careful budgeting practices, efficient and effective services, a strong economic development program and a priority toward investment in our communities and our quality of life.


From 2011 through this year (2014), we have acted on each of these principles and accomplished great things for Macomb County.

AAA Government

  1. Macomb now has a three-year budget outlook and has eliminated a budget gap of over $50 million.
  2. Refinancing savings of $1 million from enhanced bond ratings
  3. The county fund balance now stands at $60 million
  4. All county expenditures and budgets are available online
  5. Macomb has representation in each of the major regional assets and continues to be an important representative in regional issues – transit, Detroit Zoo, Detroit Institute of Arts and Cobo Hall.
  6. Creating of Macomb Area Communities for Regional Opportunities (MACRO) and the Macomb legislative caucus to connect all levels of government.
  7. Secured retiree health care coverage

County Services

  1. Restructured animal control to build an animal care department with new leadership and a $230,000 grant from Pet Smart.
  2. Consolidation of transportation department, IT, emergency management and dispatch into a single, high-tech, nationally-recognized center of excellence.  Supported primarily through grant and state funding.
  3. Citizens Guide to county government and finances dashboard
  4. Expanded support for local economic development and planning departments
  5. Regionalized the Community Services department resulting in an easier, single-agency access for older adults and vulnerable citizens.

Economic Development

  1. $2 billion in automotive investment
  2. A relocation of The Michigan Defense Center into Macomb County
  3. $200 million in public and private defense investment
  4. Establishment of the Macomb Business Awards, which showcases Macomb County’s top new and established companies every year
  5. Kick-off of Manufacturing Day in Macomb County – celebrating 1600 manufacturers in Macomb connecting with parents, kids and educators about the opportunities in manufacturing.  Jobs that average $70,000 / year in salaries
  6. $1 million revolving loan fund for brownfield properties in the county.
  7. Established the “Home in Macomb” business retention program to expand and grow Macomb’s 18,000 business base

Quality of Life

  1. Established the Make Macomb Your Home Campaign – which informs constituents of the many assets in the county.  The campaign is promoted through a website, facebook and Twitter.  Through each of these – the campaign has over 40,000 visitors (13 K Facebook, 1 K Twitter, 24 K MMYH.org back to 2012 and est 2 K prior to web metrics)
  2. Re-opening of Freedom Hill
  3. Through the new “Blue Economy” initiative, hosted nationally renowned Bass Masters Tournament in 2013, an annual Aquapalooza concert and the first Sprint and Splash duatholon.
  4. The Blue Economy program is also spearheading over $2 million in grant applications for environmental restoration.
  5. Rewrite of the county’s Parks and Recreation plan that includes recognition of local and metroparks resources.  Establishes trail master planning and blue economy master planning.
  6. Established the One Macomb program to provide a welcoming and international advantage to residents and businesses in the county.


Going forward, I am committed to continuing these successes.  We need to continue the strong pride in our community through investment in economic development, community assets and a fiscally responsible and service-oriented government.  We will continue to establish more continuity with our regional partners through greater access to state resources.


I will continue to advocate for healthier and more sustainable communities.  Macomb County communities and communities across the state need a secure financial structure on which to operate.  To build on the foundation we have established for the blue economy, I would like to draw greater state policy attention to restoration of our environment through more strategic infrastructure investment to enhance the value of Macomb County’s water resources to our residents.


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